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Abbie Cat

What your about to feast your eyes on you had better prepare yourself for, and I mean prepare yourself good! One of the most insanely gorgeous starlets ever to grace our sets is back and better then ever! Abbie Cat, perfection was the mold she was born in, and that mold was broken directly afterwards. Today, she takes it to the limit with three hard cocks to send that hard body of hers into wanderlust in an all holes filled gang bang!
Cat plays a high powered boss who just paid a bundle of money for a three man security detail, and she wants a little extra work out of them for the price she has paid. She's never had a threesome, and now is the perfect chance. She orders the guys in perfect unison to stand point at each entrance to her heavenly sanctuary. Totti guarding her mouth with his stiff dick, David at guard with his digits at her back door, and Mugur covering her pristine pussy with his mouth. The sight of Abbie alone is enough to have most normal men popping all over themselves. Her raven hair and tits sculpted from the fruits of paradise, bubble butt so perfect for pounding, and a cunny that is like a gourmet dish from the lost city of Atlantis. She goes for a taste of all three cocks before having her pot o gold stuffed by Mugur in the reverse cowgirl while the other two guys enjoy blowjobs. Abbie's scream fill the room like a Cat in heat and the guys fuck her six ways from Sunday while she chokes on their cocks! Her long stockinged legs spread wide while David pokes her pierced poonie in spoon and the guys feed her their tube steaks like she's in a buffet line. Once her pussy has had it's fill, it's time for the anal pounding of her lifetime, and Abbie takes each in every cock balls deep with furious , deep, penetrating strokes. The guys take their lovely boss to her limits, but she shows them, she is still in charge, because no matter how hard they make her cum, and boy does she cum hard, she still keeps taking everything they got! They even flip her upside down and fuck her in the ass while she's jerking two guys off and she still comes at them strong. Of course before its all over no gang bang is complete unless there is some airtight action. Triple penetration baby, while being choked and slapped and she cums again, for the 15th time or so. We get the feeling the boss could go at this all day, but the guys are ready to shower her with the hot cream she's been waiting for, all over her puckered pussy, hot lips, and chest! Boss lady got exactly what she wanted!

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