Sushi Goes Better with Snatch!


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Tomas aka Tarzan has the enchanting Adel Sunshine over for a sushi dinner, and his friend Leny Ewil, who studied the art of Japanese cuisine for many years, is in charge of the meal. As Tarz and his date enjoy a glass of wine, Leny presents their entree, but after Adel samples the fish rolls, it becomes obvious that she has some other type of feast in mind. Soon she’s presenting herself as the erotic main course, rubbing the guys through their trousers but quickly taking out their peckers to fill her lips. Adel looks exceptional with cock in her mouth, and the boys give her plenty of it. They help her off with her skimpy dress, and soon she’s kneeling between them, moving her mouth from one cock to the other and even pressing both against her lips at the same time. Tarzan licks her pussy while she throats Leny, then he bangs her spoon-style with that legendary Tarz Tool. Switching positions, Adel blows Tarz while Leny spreads and fingers her snatch before planting his pork roll deep inside her slot. Adel sits on the Tarzan rod while Leny feels her tits and feeds his dick into her face. Then, as she goes back to sucking Tarzan, Leny fingers her asshole to prepare her for the entrance of the Tarzan shaft into her butt. Soon she’s sucking Tarzan again, though, while Leny does her spoon style in her bottom. Then, still not satisfied that she has done everything in her power to please her hosts, Adel takes the two of them simultaneously, Tarz in her ass and Leny in her snatch. Then the guys switch and Tarzan is in her slit again while Leny mans the moons. It all ends with Adel ferociously sucking their veiny logs until they give her blasts of cream all over her mouth and titties...and in the last shot, Adel gets back to eating sushi with chopsticks with globs of cum hang down from her chin!

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