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Tiffany Doll

It’s good to spend quality time alone, but there is a limit to how much you can entertain yourself, right? There comes a moment when you have to put aside your solitary amusements and seek adventure, and you find it when you leave your place and wander into Tiffany Doll’s house, where you discover the cutie busily masturbating herself on her living room couch. The lusty expression in her eyes, her reddish brown hair, her randy fingers frigging her pussy, immediately tell you that when your dick enters her face in this point-of-view encounter, you will indeed be fully engaged with the least, the world of this French hottie's throat! And Miss Doll is very impressive indeed as she takes your shaft way, way down, with her eyes looking up at you as she feels your inches plowing and plunging toward pleasure. She lays you down on the couch too, all the better to lick and slurp at the length of your shaft from the balls up, keeping her eyes on you as much as she can, observing your every reaction to her ceaseless sucking. She lubricates your log by dripping her saliva along its shiny length, and then she shifts to the floor so she can be far below you like a slave girl servicing kingly meat. Soon your load finds its happy home on her lips and fingers and tongue!

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