Restroom Suckfest!


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Restroom Suckfest!

Isn’t this just what you’d like to find the next time you stop at a gas station restroom? Here's Kimberly, with a hand stuck down her shorts, rubbing her titties through her top and waiting for some cock to show up! And luckily for her, it does in the form of Choky Ice. It doesn’t take long for our man to assess the situation, checking out the gum-chewing and bubble-blowing Kim, who’s clearly ripe for some tubesteak. He takes out his rod and the silly girl blows a bubble at the tip--but then he quickly gets her on the proper course of action, on her knees sucking his dick. She rubs her pussy and takes out her boobies too, caressing herself as she inhales his root almost down to his nuts. She savors his sac, tugging on the tender skin with her lips. Having shed her shorts, she reveals a very hairy pussy, which she spreads as she sits at his feet and blows his meat. Amazingly, she still has her bubble gum in her mouth, letting it make an appearance over the head of Choky’s tool now and then; but she doesn’t let it get in the way of pulling out his load, just as she sits down on his face to get some oral service of her own!

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