Oral Beck And Call!


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She waits in the darkened room for you, the room where you keep her in the cellar of your house. This is her choice; she wants to be at your oral beck and call 24/7. She gave up the entire rest of her life to be in the service of your meat.

Once you remove her handcuffs, she is more free to perform her mouth skills on you. Into her lips goes your veiny rod, thick and as she likes to think of it, “obscene.” It’s no fun for her to suck a dick unless she feels it’s obscene...she closes her eyes as she moves her face back and forth on you, then looks up into your face again as she licks the tip.

Her own eyes have a strange power...what if she locked YOU up to only live to suck her pussy? Haha, that would never happen...meanwhile, she runs her fingers with their clawlike nails over your inches. You like her to have claws, like she’s a human jungle beast, kept in her cage in your cellar...or maybe you like to feel you're taking a chance, placing your vulnerable prick into the hands of such a strange female...you let her lay you back as she continues to tug and suck.

Who is really the captive here? Are you not a captive of her mighty oral skills? Keep your eye on those handcuffs even as she brings you to a spurting cum...maybe another time she might clamp them on YOU, and lock you away forever, only to bring you out when she needs your tongue on her quim!

Experience this scene of point-of-view oral pleasure with Mira Sunset and Choky Ice in Full HD now, and spin your own fantasy about it, too!

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