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Kira Black

You’re busy at your job in the photo studio when lovely Kira shows up, looking for the casting department. Well, you say to yourself, “Let’s do some casting!” You encourage Kira to show you everything, as the ability to show everything is very important in the erotica business. Luckily when she gets down to everything, you see that everything has everything there to please! From her long eyelashes to her pretty Latina face to her slender body, she’s clearly a girl who’s going places--specifically, to her knees in front of your dick! You let Kira understand how important it is that she demonstrate all her abilities, and she doesn’t hesitate to start giving you the best of everything with her skilled mouth, grasping your root with her pretty hand and sucking hard as she looks up at you with those dark and seductive eyes. You admire the way she makes sure you’re comfortable so you’ll enjoy her skills, as she puts everything she’s got into sucking your shaft and worshipping your balls. You can’t decide what’s sexier--when she closes her eyes deep in concentration as she’s blowing you, or when she looks up at you as her tongue works its wonders on your shaft. Well, finally she accomplishes her goal of pulling out a big gooey load, all over her chin, lip-smacking good indeed judging from her smile. Too bad you have to tell her now that this is only the equipment department, and that the casting department is actually upstairs!!

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