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Anita B.

In today's POV video, you’re opening your own porn video store, the shelves are barely stocked, and Anita Berlusconi is your first customer! That’s starting things off on the right foot...or, as we like to say here at Only Blowjob, “in the right mouth!” You send Anita up the ladder against the shelf to show you which special video she’s referring to (but you really just want to see up her skirt!) and when she notices how mischievous you’re being about peeking at her crotch, she lets you see more of her panties and even her titties too. And then she realizes that she likes your naughty spirit and in a flash she’s down on her knees with your meat in her face, or laying across the table so you can enjoy her boobies at the same time she sucks your big boner. Finally she gets you laying back so she can pull all that spunk out of your balls in these sexy blowjob pics, allowing you to get back to the work of running a video store with full concentration!

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