Cornered and Cornholed


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5 Previews left
Taissia Shanti

Here’s one of the wildest scenes we’ve ever presented on House of Taboo. In a bleak wooden room, that Russian cutie Taissia Shanti is smudged with dirt and trussed up in ropes, which almost look like a kind of net, with a burlap bag over her head. A menacing Choky Ice stands in goggles behind her. He takes the bag off her head and finds her very feisty, biting him as he tweaks her nipples.

Master Choky takes out his big dick, which she doesn’t bite but succumbs to. This clearly makes her more pliable, because then a few minutes later he’s fingering her snatch deeply through the ropes and ultimately fisting her shaved pussy almost up to his wrist.

Next Choky stands her in a corner, still trussed in the net-like ropes, and she can’t help but start pissing into the air. Choky is angry at her lack of control and makes her lick up the puddle of pee from the wooden slats of the floor. Then he puts her back on her chair, gives her a spanking, pulls her hair, and then cornholes her in the ass and cums all over her face through the openings in the ropes.

The bizarre dream-like aspect of her experience is also caught through some special camera effects. Check out the intensity of this new roleplay scene in a Full HD BDSM video!

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