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Luscious Eden

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Vaginal and anal mix

As I'm sure you know over the years DDF has shot a lot of sets, needless to say buy law of averages some of them being better than the rest. After checking out this set I'm sure that youâ??ll agree that is it one of our best as we hooked our Sexy new cummer Luscious Eden up with George to break her in right. Now all of us have that special thing that weâ??re into and George is a leg and feet guy back, as soon as he saw Luscious in those fishnets he knew that it was going to be a good day. She crawled onto the bed and teased him from afar as he sat on the sofa ready to attack, not allowing him to touch when he reached out, just watch as she touched herself. She wanted him just as bad if not worse so it didnâ??t take her long to invite him over. She wrapped her lips around his cock getting him all slicked up and then he went down on her licking and sucking on her pussy and clit giving her a massive orgasm right out the gate. She wrapped her feet around his cock, stroking him up before he went inside, fucking her pussy hard and strong and busting this first nut of the day. This was a total cum fest from beginning to end as they both had multiple orgasms, it didnâ??t seem to matter what position or hole George was fucking they both ended up getting off.

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